Looking to Buy a Brand New Home?

Looking to Buy a Brand New Home?


When looking for your dream home, call upon WATSON BROTHERS to find you the right home!

We don’t limit our search to only used properties but also scour the market for new or to-be-built homes. We insure our Buyer’s see everything the market has to offer because we are not intimidated by new construction; in fact Barret is a New Home Warranty approved builder so you can be assured we know our stuff.


“The Watson Brothers made themselves completely available to us. They also had all the information we needed to expedite the transaction.”

“We want to thank The Watson Brothers for selling our home in 23 days and helping us find another home so quickly. If you want Service and Results, we would recommend The Watson Brothers.”

“I’m not aware of any difference between one real estate company and another that makes me choose between them, it’s the agent and The Watson Brothers made that a difference.”